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Oceanside Submittal Requirements for New Single Family Residence Checklist

October 18, 2022

Building Division 300 N Coast Highway
Oceanside, CA 92054
Effective Date: 1/1/2017  

Oceanside Submittal Requirements for New Single Family Residence Checklist


Five (5) complete sets of plans drawn to scale consisting of the following basic information:

A. The job address.
B. The owner’s name, address and phone number.
C. The plan designer’s name, address and phone number.
D. A clear description of work.
E. A building information table that indicates occupancy group and indicates the installation of the required fire
sprinklers. Provide the proposed square footage of the living spaces, garage, decks and the number of
bathrooms and bedrooms.
F. A list of the applicable codes for the project.
G. A sheet index.
H. A plot plan showing all slopes and structures on the property and their distances from each other and property
lines. The plot plan must show the location of proposed utilities and sizes of the utilities.
I. Provide elevation drawings of the exterior. The drawing must indicate the height of the building to existing(
not finished grade).
J. New plans for foundation, wall framing, and roof design of sufficient detail for construction. Include two copies
of structural calculations from a licensed design professional or a design that is compliant with the prescriptive
designs for California Residential Code foundation, lateral bracing system, span tables and nailing tables.
K. State Energy Conservation Compliance Certification forms.
L. Plumbing table with a calculation of the proposed water meter and service supply piping size.
M. Manual D duct design for central air systems.
N. Two copies of a preliminary soils report.
O. Plan review fees must be paid at the time of 1st submittal and are based upon our adopted fee schedule
which is available on our City web site. Building Permit Fee schedule
P. A receipt of school fees paid from the applicable school district prior to permit issuance.
Q. The plans must be signed by the designer prior to permit issuance.
The following departments must be satisfied prior to Building Permit issuance. It is important to check with these
departments for the status of their reviews of your project.

Oceanside Planning and Engineering Divisions: (760-435-3520)
Oceanside Fire Department (760-435-4100)
Oceanside Water Utilities (760-435-5800)

Coastal Affordable Housing: If property is located within the Coastal Zone and the application involves either the
construction or demolition of a residential use, you must obtain a “Coastal Affordable Housing Compliance Permit”
before a building permit or demolition permit can be issued. Contact the Oceanside Neighborhood Services
Department, 321 N. Nevada Street, Oceanside, CA, for review. Phone (760) 435-3360.

Coastal Zone Requirements: If property is within the Coastal Zone, consult with the Planning Division, 300 N. Coast
Highway, Oceanside, CA 92054. Phone (760) 435-3520. It is the applicant’s responsibility to comply with any Coastal
Act requirements.

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